Smithtown Christian School Long Island 愿景

我们的 愿景

To be a great school that consistently produces
exceptional young Christian leaders.

我们的 任务

The mission of Smithtown Christian School is to teach with excellence
 in the classroom and through life-on-life influence
 to produce exceptional young Christian leaders with
a heart for God, a mind for Truth, and a passion to change the World.

10 结果

  • 1. 字符

    Matthew 22:37 and John 10:27
    SCS Graduates will:
    Exemplify submissive hearts before Jesus Christ

    Christ-like character means that students are submitted to the Father and naturally do His will. They will know the voice of God and will be quick to obey.

  • 2. 的关系

    SCS Graduates will:
    Love others as God has loved them, within honor-based relationships

    Authentic, honor-­based relationships are a hallmark of a true disciple of Christ. This extends to all relationships in one’s life with peers, 父母, 老师, leaders and eventually one’s spouse and children.

  • 3. 信念

    SCS Graduates will:
    Live by strong moral and ethical convictions

    In a time of universal relativism, a young man or woman of Christ will stand out as different because of his or her stand on moral and ethical questions.

  • 4. 世界观

    马太福音24 - 25
    SCS Graduates will:
    Embrace and effectively represent a Biblical Worldview

    A Biblical worldview is a lens through which all of life is viewed, including areas of culture and life that have traditionally been classified as secular. Graduates of SCS will not only understand the Biblical worldview, but they will be able to represent it with grace and truth among competing ideas.

  • 5. 智力

    Matthew 22:37; 2 Timothy 2:15
    SCS Graduates will:
    Possess a well‐developed intellect and a love for learning

    The life of the mind is critical to discipleship, and a well-­cultivated intellect will result in a love for learning and reading. SCS graduates will be conversant in a wide array of classic academic disciplines, and will be able to apply what they know to the task of understanding past, present and future human experience.

  • 6. 通信

    SCS Graduates will:
    Utilize excellent written and verbal communication skills

    ​Communication is the basis of relationships and influence. Therefore, SCS graduates should be active listeners, clear speakers and precise, engaging writers.

  • 7. 智慧

    SCS Graduates will:
    Exercise wisdom in decision-making and problem-­solving

    Wisdom begins with fearing the Lord and results in an approach to decisions and problems that is reflective, principled and purposeful.

  • 8. 仆人的

    马修20:27 - 28
    SCS Graduates will:
    Serve others with generosity

    Generous living will be marked by eagerly meeting the needs of others. Servanthood is a lifestyle for the disciple of Christ.

  • 9. 人才

    SCS Graduates will:
    Understand their God-­given purpose and talents

    In order to successfully navigate the sometimes confusing journey to find one’s life-­vocation, students need to have had ample experience in discovering, developing and practicing the use of their unique God-­given design. Life-purpose is strongly connected to design.

  • 10. 影响

    SCS Graduates will:
    Lead by example and positively influence culture

    Every individual has the potential to lead through influence. Graduates of SCS will be prepared to shape culture, 在家庭, 教会, the marketplace and the world.


PHONE: (631) 265-3334
FAX: (631) 265-1079

即将到来的 事件

结婚.11月. 8 at 8:30 - 10:30am

星期五.11月. 10(无学校)

Honor Society Induction
外胎.11月. 下午7点

开放的房子 & 之旅
碰头.11月. 下午6点

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什么 人说……

  • ​" The service-learning program at SCS goes hand and hand with Christian education. Students learn about loving Jesus and helping those in need. 然后, they practice what they learn by going out and being the "hands and feet" of Jesus to their communities. "
    Dr. Anna Ramos, SCS parent

  • " Knowing that our children are going to school and learning about Christ and hearing biblical truth that is not altered has confirmed to us over and over that SCS is the best choice we could make for our kids' education. "
    道格 & Kelly Jansson, SCS 父母

  • " If you aim for heaven, you might get earth thrown in, besides. Aim for heavenly values by sending your kids to Smithtown Christian School, even if it means sacrifice. "
    Daniel Buttafuoco, SCS Grandparent

  • "SCS has been an incredible blessing to our family. Knowing our children are in a Christ-centered environment where they are loved, nurtured and prayed for by their 老师 and other members of their school family is so important to us. "

    Rachel Cardwell, SCS Parent

  • "It's impossible to enter this school without coming into the presence of God. It's the only thing that can change lives and because of the faithful 老师, staff and culture of SCS, 它改变了我的."
    Pastor Jeffrey Eichenlaub, SCS Alum